Friday, April 4, 2008

[003] True Romance Soundtrack (You're So Cool Edition)

01. True Romance (monologue) - Alabama
02. Graceland - Charlie Sexton
03. In Dreams - John Waite
04. Wounded Bird - Charles & Eddie
05. White Wedding - Billy Idol
06. Skinny...(They Can't Get Enough) - Skinny Boys
07. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley*
08. I Want Your Body - Nymphomania
09. A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives
10. I Need a Heart to Come Home To - Shelby Lynne
11. Chantilly Lace - Big Bopper
12. Viens Mallika Sous le Dome Edais from Lakme
13. The Other Side - Aerosmith
14. Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin*
15. Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles
16. Raga Yaman - Clem Alford
17. (Love is) The Tender Trap - Robert Palmer
18. Outshined - Soundgarden
19. All the Way - Frank Sinatra*
20. Learnin' the Blues - Frank Sinatra*
21. Heartbreak Hotel (reprise) - The Mentor
22. Two Hearts - Chris Isaak
23. Happily Ever After (monologue) - Alabama

Score by Hans Zimmer:

24. You're So Cool
25. Stars at Dawn
26. Amid the Chaos of the Day

* - Different version appears in Film

True Romance Soundtrack (You're So Cool Edition) Link


badlandssoundtrack said...

awesome !!!

"Different version appears in Film"

was this because you could not locate the exact versions?

i am working on a "Badlands" soundtrack now...

J. said...


Actually, it had more to do with quality. I did find the other versions, but they were just knock-off sound alikes of the originals. So I rather have the real deal rather than a wannabe. Glad you dig the soundtrack.


VonCheech said...

"knock-off sound alikes of the originals"

did you mean the originals were performed by different artists?

J. says: said...

The Recordings by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra we're redone in a similar sounding style as Deano and Sinatra. But the Dean and Sinatra versions are the Dean and Sinatra versions and you can't redo them without losing something. So rather than having the 100% correct versions I went with better quality singers. =)

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