Friday, April 4, 2008

[004-2] North Shore Soundtrack (Hui o He'e Nalu Edition)

01. Living in a Dream - Pseudo Echo
02. Be My Lover - Nia Peeples
03. Sounds of Then - Ganggajang
04. Blue Hotel - Chris Isaak
05. M-Style - Lords of the New Church
06. Party Next Door - Black Uhuru
07. Body and the Beat - Dragon
08. Shine - Kids in the Kitchen
09. Am I the One - Gary Wright
10. Pearly Shells* - Don Ho
11. Feel the Spirit - Wailing Souls
12. Chessboards - Killing Joke
13. Nature of the Beast - Angels
14. Listening - Pseudo Echo
15. Stonewall - Angels
16. Happy to Give - Journey
17. Funkytown - Pseudo Echo
18. North Shore Roar - Paul Delph
19. [Bonus Track] Hui** - The W's

* - Different Version in Film
** - Not in Film

North Shore Soundtrack (Hui o He'e Nalu Edition) Link


objectivist53 said...

I've tried to download part 2 a few times and the "file structure" appears to be damaged. The file won't decompress. It would be great to hear this music again... can you check it out?

Score-Brother said...


This is a MAD job you did posting this soundtrack!!!

Please, do let me know when you post the rare soundtrack to "Thrashin'"


Peter Geo said...


Anonymous said...

You are the man! Have no words to say how thanks.

Kevin and Kimberly said...
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Anonymous said...

HELP!!! I have a Mac how do I unzip a .rar file? WHat program do I use??? Thanks

J. said...

I am pretty sure there is a way to open .rar on a mac. Since I dont use a mac I cant really help much. I would suggest to searching the internets for the info. Sorry I cant be of more help.

brian said...

...all i can say is you the man!! have been working on piecing the soundtrack together for a while..never could find north shore roar and nature of the beast...
Big thanks from Gansett Surf Rescue, Rhode Island!

misterfong said...

My life is now closer to completion. This was one of my fave movies to put on when I worked at a local video store in my sleepy hometown suburb.

Cheers to you, mate!

Let me know if you ever do one for that indie flick Cashback. If you have not seen, do yourself a favour and stream it on ye olde Netflix.

Anonymous said...

you are god turtle is very happy

Anonymous said...

Eternal thanks for getting this soundtrack together! One of my favorite movies of all time and a soundtrack that should totally have been released. Thanks again!!

Unknown said...

Simply Amazing! I've been searching for years for many of these songs. Great music from a truly classic movie! Thanks a million!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! I've been looking for this soundtrack for ages and now finally, thanks to you, I manage to have it.
You're the man.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work on this! Some tracks were really hard to find. I applaud your effort in compiling these great tracks.

However, I do find one discrepancy. You have Pseudo Echo's "Listening" in the soundtrack, but it's not the same version used in the film. You have the original mix, but the band re-recorded it with a more rock-driven feel for the film. The version used in North Shore is called the "American Mix" or "1987 Mix."

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Oh no... permission denied? Is this possibly just a temporary problem?

Fidel J. said...

Ro-Beast Rollie, looks like my files got nuked. I'll have to move them elsewhere. Sorry about that. Here is a one time use link for the file: .

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Somebody must've beaten me to it--that link isn't working anymore either.

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Got it that time! I'm heading to Hawaii next month and will be rocking this the whole time. Thanks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Any chance you could post the songs again?

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