Saturday, August 23, 2008

[XXb] Caddyshack The Soundtrack (Ball Handler 2nd Edition)

This is the 2nd collaboration between Me and
The Long Island Ripper of the Inferno Music Crypt blog.
It's a revamping of our previous version with an updated
song list, and updated artwork. Enjoy!

Soundtrack Courtesy of The Inferno Music Crypt Blog.
artwork by J. of The J. Projex

Caddyshack Soundtrack


Anonymous said...

Hello! J./I am in search of one particular mp3/Kenny Loggins-"Lead The Way" I Downloaded the 10 track OST a while back,But this track was missing. I would Download this Edition here,But it is simply too
large for my dial-up connection.
Could you by chance e-mail it to me?

Damon Breland said...

Hello J.

I see that you assisted with the We're Getting Laid edition of this Soundtrack also. The INferno Link is no longer. Do you have a copy of that particular version anywhere? Would love to have a copy of it! THANKS!

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